Special Needs

Children with special needs need extra care and assistance when it comes to early childhood learning. We carry a great selection of school supplies tailored to children with special needs. Our special needs learning materials can be helpful for both parents of children with special needs and teachers who have special needs children in their classroom. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you can empower the special needs children in your life with the wide variety of toys and tools here on our website, including sensory toys for the classroom, including weighted stuffed animals, tactile sandpaper flashcards, sensory stones and much more. Encourage children to engage with interactive tools like emotion stones, photo conversation cards and other useful aids. With all the options here, you are certain to find helpful resources for your home or classroom.

Check out our selection of quality school supplies for special needs students today! Each of the products here is carefully hand selected for it's usefulness in engaging special needs children in their education and in positive interactions with others. Children with autism, ADHD or any other developmental disorder will benefit from the toys and learning aids that we offer here at SchoolingSupplies.com. While you are shopping with us, don't miss out on the incredible array of supplies for parents and educators that we offer here for the home and the classroom. Find fun games and activities like a 0-30 number line floor mat or useful tools for the classroom like a No Yell Bell classroom attention getter.

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